A college student’s letter to our Foundation


Respected members of the Qiu Shi Science & Technologies Foundation,


Greetings! I am JIANG Huiyang, an undergraduate student currently studying in Hangzhou. A few days ago, I happened to come across some materials from the Qiu Shi Science & Technologies Foundation and was very moved by its mission. I actually had to restrain myself from tearing up, especially since, considering how disappointed I am with research and scholarship of our own universities, and that I have always longed for the quest of the absolute truth.


The following are some of my admittedly scattered thoughts on science:


1.     It’s common to hear talks about the “side effects” of technology, but I don’t think the problem lies in technology per se. The problem, rather, resides in the individuals who use it. Pointing fingers at science and technology is no less absurd than the murderer who shifts the blames onto the knife he used to commit the crime. Humankind has both the right and responsibility to determine how technology will be used. As your Foundation advocates, the spirit of science must be joined to a heart for humanity. Science demands not only a system of rigorous logic, but also a proper set of values such as the equitable treatment of all forms of life and the commitment to see their beauty blossom. In my opinion, science should be something warm and personal, not cold and clinical. Our task, then, is to imbue science with the warmth of human nature.  


2.     Science is powerful, capable of effecting change not only on our material life, but possessing the even greater ability of influencing the human mind. Every bit of progress in science is accompanied by a commensurately greater degree of knowledge and understanding of the world we live in. We become more rational in our thinking, both in our interactions with one another and in those we have with Mother Earth.    


3.    Science is a means of constantly honing in on the truth. Curiosity compels us to understand the reality of the world we live in, to know the very fiber of our make-up. It is precisely this drive that makes science so pure in the quest to understand truth – unfettered by convention, uninhibited by authority. It is not unlike the act of “cracking the case” in the detective novels that I love to read. One does not set out to crack the case in the interest of affixing blame upon someone; rather, it’s about uncovering the truth. Sometimes the cold hard facts seem to turn justice on its head. Nevertheless, we have no choice but to accept it; no one has any right to tamper with the truth.


I believe that my ideas are similar to the philosophy of your Foundation, which I earnestly hope I might have the opportunity of serving. I don’t know whether the Foundation’s Hangzhou branch is in need of volunteers, but if so, I would be honored to be one.



Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my letter.


JIANG Huiyang

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