2013 Annual Qiu Shi Awards Presentation Ceremony was held in Tsinghua University


Qiu Shi Advisor Dr. Chen Ning Yang (left) with the 2013 Qiu Shi Outstanding Scientist Award laureate Dr. Wang Xiaodong


On September 28, the 2013 Annual Qiu Shi Awards Presentation Ceremony was held in Tsinghua University. Qiu Shi Science and Technologies Foundation Chairman Payson Cha, Tsinghua University President Chen Jining, as well as Foundations advisors Drs. Chen Ning Yang, David Ho, Sun Jiadong, Shi Yigong and Han Qide attended the ceremony.


The Tsinghua student string quartet


2013 is the first year of implementation of the new Qiu Shi Awards nomination and selection procedures. Through nomination by members of the Qiu Shi Family (previous Qiu Shi Awards laureates), evaluation by the Awards Selection Committee and final approval by the Advisory Board, the 2013 Qiu Shi Outstanding Scientist Award was conferred upon Dr. Wang Xiaodong of the National Institute of Biological Sciences (NIBS), while the Outstanding Scientific Research Team Award is vacant.


Dr. Wang is dedicated to studying of the biochemical basis of programmed cell death. He identified and characterized the apoptosome complex critical to effecting cell death, and discovered additional apoptotic regulators. He was elected to National Academy of Sciences (USA) in 2004, and awarded the 2006 Shaw Prize in Life Science and Medicine. Dr. Wang received the 2013 Qiu Shi Outstanding Scientist Award not only due to his scientific accomplishments, but also as recognition of his outstanding leadership in establishing a nurturing research environment for returning scientists, especially young scientists, at NIBS. As a test field of China’s academic system reform, NIBS has become a world class research institute in merely ten years.


Chairman of this year’s Award Selection Committee and Qiu Shi Advisor Dr. David Ho introduced Dr. Wang’s academic and leadership accomplishments. Qiu Shi Advisor, Nobel Prize Laureate Dr. Chen Ning Yang presented the award to Dr. Wang, whose acceptance speech won endless applause and laughter from the audience. He declared that, as a newly minted member of the Qiu Shi Family, from now on, he would be in more ardent pursuit of the Qiu Shi (Truth Seeking) Spirit.


Dr. Wang Xiaodong giving his acceptance speech


The 2013 Qiu Shi Outstanding Young Scholar Award was awarded to Drs. Xu Chenyang (Mathematics, Peking University), Jiao Liying (Chemistry, Tsinghua Univiersity), Zhou Shuyun (Physics, Tsinghua Univiersity), Zhang Yuanbo (Physics, Fudan University), Shen Xiaohua (Life Sciences, Tsinghua Univiersity), Cai Liang (Life Sciences, Fudan University), Gao Hao (Medical Imaging, Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Chen Yu-ao (Physics, University of Science and Technology of China), and Wang Yong (Material Science, Zhejiang University). Average age of the nine laureates is 33.5 years old, and the three female laureates, i.e. Jiao Liying, Zhou Shuyun and Shen Xiaohua all hail from Tsinghua University. Chairman of this year’s Young Scholar Award Selection Committee and Qiu Shi Advisor Dr. Shi Yigong emceed the presentation of the awards, and the awards were presented respectively by Fudan University President Dr. Yang Yuliang, University of Hong Kong President Dr. Lap-Chee Tsui, University of Science and Technology of China President Dr. Hou Jianguo, and Qiu Shi Advisor Prof. Sun Jiadong.  Drs. Chen Yu-ao and Zhou Shuyun gave award acceptance speeches on behalf of all nine laurates.



2013 Outstanding Young Scholar Award laureates and award presenters

(from left) Dr. Shi Yigong, Xu Chenyang, Yang Yuliang, Jiao Liying, Zhang Yuanbo, Hou Jianguo, Zhou Shuyun, Cai Liang, Shen Xiaohua, Lap-Chee Tsui, Gao Hao, Chen Yu-ao, Sun Jiadong, Wang Yong


The Awards Presentation Ceremony began with the melody of the Tsinghua University anthem played by its student string quartet. Tsinghua President Chen Jining gave the opening speech on behalf of Tsinghua University. On behalf of the Qiu Shi Foundation, Chairman Payson Cha addressed the audience expressing gratitude for the strong support given by Tsinghua in preparations of the ceremony, his deep appreciations for the Qiu Shi Advisors and Laureates in the audience, and sincerely welcomed constructive advice from all interested parties regarding Qiu Shi’s future development.


Qiu Shi Foundation Chairman Mr. Payson Cha


Dr. Zhang Jie, President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and winner of the 1999 Outstanding Young Scholar Award, gave a speech on the meaning of the “Qiu Shi Spirit”. He also presented the certificate he received upon his election as foreign associate of the National Academy of Sciences as a token of gratitude to Mr Payson Cha, to commemorate the support that Qiu Shi bestowed upon young Chinese scientists in the 90s, in the form of the Outstanding Young Scholar Award. The ceremony closed with a speech made by Qiu Shi Advisor and President of the China Association for Science and Technology Dr. Han Qide. He praised the fairness and openness of the newly implemented Qiu Shi Awards nomination and selection procedures, and commended the contributions made by Qiu Shi towards enhancing China’s academia and research environment.   

Mr. Payson Cha receiving the token of appreciation from President Zhang Jie


The 2013 Qiu Shi Awards Presentation Ceremony is a manifestation of the Foundation’s strategic transformation. Taking advantage of this ceremony, Qiu Shi hopes to enhance the exchange of ideas and opinions within China’s scientific community. To achieve this goal, the Foundation organized two discussion sessions on the day of the ceremony. The first, attended by the 2013 Qiu Shi Awards winners and previous Qiu Shi Awards Laureates, was the Qiu Shi Colloquium held before the actual ceremony, themed “What makes for good science?”. Through examining this topic, the Foundation hoped to promote the importance of developing discernment in terms of research direction, encourage our younger generations of scientists to cultivate “good taste” in science, and encourage them to persist in their judgment throughout their careers.  The second was the panel discussion session held during the second half of the Ceremony, in which seven renowned biologists and leaders in China’s academia, namely, Drs. Lu Bai (Profesor, Tsinghua University), Wang Xiaodong (Director, NIBS), Deng Hongkui (Professor, Peking University), He Fuchu (Director, State Key Laboratory of Proteomics), Shi Yigong (Dean, Tsinghua School of Life Sciences), Rao Yi (Professor, Peking University), and Cao Xuetao (President, Chinese Academy of Medical Science) gathered on stage to share their thoughts on the topic, “How to cultivate a conducive research environment”.



A panel of mirth and wisdom: (from left) Drs. Shi Yigong, Deng Hongkui, He Fuchu, Lu Bai, Wang Xiaodong, Rao Yi, Cao Xuetao


Emcees of the ceremony were Vice President of Tsinghua University, 2011 Qiu Shi Outstanding Scientific Research Team Award winner Professor Xue Qikun, and Ms. Zuo Han, a graduate student of Tsinghua. String quartet and Erhu performance by the Tsinghua University Student Art Ensemble added touches of beauty and elegance to the scintillating gathering of China’s top talents in science and technology.



Enthusiatice applause from the audience

(from left) Dr. David Ho, Mrs. and Dr. Chen Ning Yang, Dr. Han Qide, Mr. Payson Cha, President Chen Jining, Prof. Sun Jiadong

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