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Qiu Shi Science & Technologies Foundation


“Qiu Shi Science & Technologies Foundation” was founded by Mr. Cha Chi Ming (1914-2007) and his family in Hong Kong in 1994.  Mr Cha named the Foundation after the famous “Qiu Shi Academy” presently Zhejiang University. The primary goal of the Foundation is to promote science and technology research in China, and to encourage and reward successful Chinese scientists and scholars.  

Seated on the Foundation’s advisory board include a roster of distinguished and internationally acclaimed members of academia.  They are: Professor Chen Ning YANG (a Nobel Laureate in Physics), Professor Guangzhao ZHOU (a renowned physician, and Honorary Chairman of China Association for Science and Technology), Professor Yuan Tseh LEE (a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry), Professor Yuet Wai KAN (a distinguished medical expert and genetic researcher), Professor David D. HO (a pioneering medical expert and innovator of  “AIDS Cocktail Therapy”), and Professor Andrew Chi Chih YAO (a distinguished computer science expert and the first Asian A.M. Turing Award Laureate). The late Professor Shiing Shen CHERN, an acclaimed mathematician was also one of the Foundation’s highly respected advisors.

Since 1994, through  rigorous assessment and thorough evaluation, the Foundation has granted awards and research grants to hundreds of outstanding Chinese scientists for their achievements and continuing research in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine in the following categories: “Outstanding Scientist”, “Outstanding Young Scholar”, and “Outstanding Science & Technology Team Achievement”.  In addition, the Foundation has also established “Qiu Shi Graduate Student Scholarship” and “Cha Chi Ming & Liu Bie Ju Undergraduate Student Scholarship” in over 20 universities, with the objective of developing best young science and technology talents, and subsidizing outstanding undergraduate students who need financial assistance. The Foundation has so far awarded over RMB100 millions in grants and scholarships to a large number of recipients.

The Foundation organizes an annual award ceremony which is attended by high-ranking government officials, prominent university presidents, as well as top scientists and engineers in their respective fields.  In 1994, the ceremony was held at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, featuring Prime Minister Li Peng as keynote speaker, and Wan Li, the Chairman of the National People’s Congress as honorable guest.  From 2000, the Qiu Shi Science & Technologies Foundation Award Ceremony has been incorporated as one of the key events in China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) Annual Conference.

It is the fervent hope of the Foundation that it can continue to promote the development of Chinese science and technology through its support and funding of Chinese talents.  In the words of the late Professor Shiing Shen CHERN, “We can make known worldwide the achievements of China’s scientists, in the same way that China’s table tennis players are known and recognized all over the world.” 

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